Gage Froerer is a Humble and Effective Servant Leader

Sunday , June 17, 2018 - 12:00 AM3 comments

I have had the opportunity to work closely with both James Ebert and Gage Froerer, and wish to share my experience with Gage Froerer’s remarkable leadership style. I first met Gage before I held any political office when I contacted him as a constituent. He personally responded, and genuinely listened to what I had to say. I have never forgotten that meaningful interaction between constituent and representative, and as I have become more involved in local government I have continued to see the same humble and purposeful servant leadership from Gage in every setting.

As someone who has been deeply involved with Weber County government, I am concerned with the political rancor, questionable budgetary practices, and inadequate transparency I have witnessed on some important county issues. For example, although I supported raises for our fantastic Sheriff’s deputies and even a reasonable tax increase specifically for that, it was wrong for the County Commission to raise taxes far beyond what was need for Sheriff’s Dept. wages in order to also fund a large amount of one-time expenses like capital projects and buying back employee leave and sick time. Permanent tax increases should not be passed based on one-time expenses, because this in effect creates a windfall of tax revenue for government leaders to spend on other items—with less public scrutiny—in all future years after the one-time expenses are paid for. Gage Froerer has a long track record of fighting for the taxpayers against these types of budgetary practices.

Based on years of experience and repeated interactions both social and professional, I know Gage Froerer to be a true leader who cares deeply about each individual. He is a man of the people who is accessible and transparent. And he is someone who collaboratively and relentlessly works for the best interests of the citizens.

Brent Taylor

North Ogden

Brent Taylor is currently on a leave of absence from serving as mayor of North Ogden City for military service. Disclaimer required by military policy: this letter contains the personal views of the author and does not represent the Department of Defense.

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