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Hispanic or Latinx? The key is to treat others with respect

BN 031215 Latinos in Action 07-6

“This label issue may never go away. In the meantime, call people whatever they ask you to call them or simply refer to them by their name,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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It's time to start listening to the children

APTOPIX School Shooting Florida

When gunmen attack schools, it’s children and teachers who die as politicians retreat to their hardened cliches.

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Have Democrats overplayed their Trump hand?

Trump State of Union Fact Check-5

“Trump is the racetrack rabbit that keeps Democrats running in a perpetual cycle of outrage,” writes Rich Lowry.


Food pantry director takes time to connect with clients

SW 031716 Pantry Packs 04

Jaynann Johnson, lovingly known as “JJ,” is the heart of the Bountiful Community Food Pantry. JJ started volunteering at the pantry doing intake, interviewing and processing new and returning clients, but she was quickly hired as the pantry’s manager. Today she works countless...

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Trump leads an attack on legal immigration

SW 112117 Naturalization Ceremony 08

“Trump routinely equates foreigners with danger, drugs and crime. But reducing the influx of legal immigrants, who are far less likely than natives to go to prison, would do nothing to make Americans safer. Just the opposite,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Utah girls need to understand it's OK to say no

Kanesville Elementary dance

By itself, changing what the Weber School District tells sixth-graders about dancing won’t reduce sexual violence in Utah. But it’s a start.

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"I love you" is easy to write, but harder to prove

Love Returns

D. Louise Brown’s grandparents exchanged love letters during the Great Depression, but they never once used the words “I love you.”


Republicans show they cannot lead us into the future


Our hope of getting out of the current political morass is to practice term limits by not voting for anyone in office over six years, Republican or Democrat. We can do it. Is the Republican Party the right one to lead us in the future? No. After eight years of opposing the Obama administration and...

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Utah Republicans are trading away their souls


“Why,” asks Don Porter, “have Republicans – and members of Utah’s delegation in particular – been so willing to enable, forgive and ignore this administration’s awful conduct? Is the reversal of the Obama agenda worth their moral sacrifice?”

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Utah needs to remove the stigma from breastfeeding in public

SW 101917 La Leche Breast Feeding 01

Utah mothers deserve to right to breastfeed their infants in public places — without being asked to leave or cover up.

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